How to safely open hard plastic clam shell packages.

How to Safely Open Plastic Clam Shell Packaging

We’re in the most advanced technological age in the history of the world. We as a human race have been into outer space, we’ve been to the depths of the sea, and we’ve got flight made into an ordinary ordeal. Our cars are sleek, fast, and efficient. We’ve harnessed all of the power of the world in forms of petroleum, natural gas, nuclear generator, wind, and water. Yet with all of this proudly displayed on humanity’s decorum, how is it that we still can’t get past using these wretched clamshell packages?
I don’t think that there’s a soul in the whole country that hasn’t dealt with one of these infamous monsters before. You know, the ones that live up to their name: Clamshell. Like their marine namesake, the clamshell packages are the most irritating of all packaging. While many manufacturers continue with conventional means such as boxes and the like, many continue on with their seemingly insane design of clamshell packages.
Here’s what you may not know about them, the “why” of clamshell packages: They solve most of the key problems that other conventional packaging methods have. One of the most important factors is product security. Not only does it make for a protective case for the item while it is in transit, but it also makes it infinitely harder for someone to steal once it’s on the shelves, for the packaging is too bulky to escape with, and far too difficult to deal with in the store without drawing attention to one’s self. Additionally, the clamshell has great marketing advantages. People can see all parts of what they are buying, so there are fewer returns. On the other hand, with a box, people often find the contents therein to be different than expectation (wouldn’t this be remedied by READING the box?). Furthermore, clamshell packaging is often cheaper than conventional packaging, making it preferable overall by most manufacturers.
With that, it appears to be an unfortunate reality that we must continue to face the dreaded clamshell package. What can be done? There are many occasionally suitable one-time answers, such as attempting to open it a can opener, or chancing your precious flesh on a pocket knife. Realistically, there’s no great long-term solution. That is, except for the ZIPit Clamshell Opener! Picture the can opener trick, only with a tool that’s designed for the job! That’s exactly what the ZIPit is! It’s battery powered, and completely safe for hundreds of uses with no frustration, no sweat, and, most importantly no blood! Simply line it up on the edge of the package and press the button, and it does the rest! No more wrestling with scissors, knives, or first aid kits!