Safe Box cutting knife practices

Box Cutting - It doesn't have to include body cutting!

Boxes:  Children play in them, adults move stuff in them.  The common thread is that sooner or later, the boxes need to be opened, cut down, and flattened.  Improvised box cutters and openers include scissors, car keys, pens, or even the healthy stomp of a boot.  To one degree or another, these methods can work.  If you work in the retail world, you probably know how horrid it can be to try and flatten or cut hundreds of boxes with something that wasn't made for the job (I've been there myself far too much!).  Our Box Cutters are specifically for cutting opening, cutting, and flattening boxes (hopefully the name hinted at that).  Regardless of which model you use, here are some helpful tips to prevent injury while using any box cutter:

Retract the blade when not in use.  If the blade automatically retracts, don’t assume that it’s retracted just because you've removed your hand.  The adhesives from boxing tape can accumulate on an old blade and prevent correct retraction.

Always use sharp blades.  Whenever a blade becomes dull or caked with rust, residue, or anything else, it’s best to chuck it and replace it with a new one.  Using a dull blade requires more applied force, and therefore increases the likelihood and severity of lacerations.

Always pay attention to what you are doing.  When you begin a project, don’t allow anything to divert your attention while working.  Always grasp the object firmly before cutting, and mind where you place your other hand as you cut.

Make sure that others are a safe distance from you as you cut.  Also, make sure that your working environment is always tidy, and that those around you are aware of what you are doing.

When finished, always store the box cutter in a conspicuous location, such as a shelf, holster, or hanger.  Do not store them in partially obscured places where people can reach without seeing that it is there.

Here on, we have scores (pun intended) of box cutters to select from!  My particular favorite is the S4 Safety Cutter.  It’s so easy to use!  It also has a tape splitter so that I don’t have to use the blade any more than necessary.  This also helps to prolong the life of the blade, because it doesn't become coated in adhesives as quickly.  When the blade needs replacing, it’s a cinch, and includes its own spare blade compartment.  We have both auto and manual blade retraction models.

Be sure to explore our full range of box cutters to find exactly what you need!