Safe Knife Practices in Restaurants

Safe Knife Practices in Restaurant Kitchens

Safety in restaurant kitchens and food service facilities is a primary concern of employers. With a multitude of risks including cuts from sharp knives, employee safety awareness training and and safe knives and cutters are a priority. With many of our products, you can put your fears at ease!
Viper Bag CutterThe Viper Safety Bag Opener is a great example.  When plastic packaging becomes cumbersome to open, workers will often resort to the careless use of a knife ill-suited for the job.  The Viper contains a safely concealed stainless steel blade that is specially engineered for opening all sorts of plastic bags and packaging.  The only way someone could cut themselves on this fantastic tool is if they were trying, and they may not be successful even then! Furthermore, this specialty cutter is NSF Approved making it suitable for use in food service applications.
digiguard finger protectorThe Digiguard Finger Protector is another tool specifically designed for the kitchen.  While most injuries occur through careless or negligent use of knives and other sharp tools, many still occur from everyday cutting. It’s not uncommon for someone to hurt themselves in haste as they chop and slice away at foods at breakneck speeds. That’s where the Digiguard comes in! With this protective tool, food handlers never have to worry about inadvertently cutting themselves on the fly!

Lizard Safety Knife
The Lizard Safety Cutter is another excellent tool for food production occupations.  Boxes come and go daily, and need to be opened, broken down, cut, and so on.  Conventional utility knives are extremely dangerous for lack of safety feature.  Furthermore, if one of these knives are dropped, they can pose an even greater danger, especially if the individual tries to catch the knife.  With the Lizard, there are no worries!  The spring loaded safety guard ensures that the blade is always safely tucked away whenever it’s not in use, and even when it’s accidentally dropped.  This makes it the perfect safety knife for almost any job!

In addition to using safe tools, there are also a number of knife safety practices to follow to help prevent injuries:
  • Always cut away from the body, and use knives that are appropriate job.
  • Use appropriate cut resistant gloves.
  • Store knives in a designated storage place when not in use, not in the sink or anywhere else.
  • Don’t try to catch falling knives.
  • Carry knives angled away from the body.
  • When you hand a knife to someone, set it down and let them pick it up.
  • Do not become distracted by talking to coworkers while using knives.