Tape Slitters

Tape Splitters

Safety Knives to Split Tape and Pallet Wrap

Using a box cutter to slice open tape and film  is a lot like using a sledge hammer to pound a nail. It takes surprisingly little force to puncture tape. Once it has been penetrated, tape will split easily with any edge. In warehouses where opening sealed boxes is the primary cutting task, switch to specialized tape splitters to reduce injury risk. Tape slitters either conceal the blade so it can't come in contact with flesh, or they replace the sharp razor or knife blade with a dull, metal tab. Safety cutters with dull metal tabs easily puncture and split tape, but will not lacerate skin. Tape splitters that use a concealed blade can slice through both tape and heavy gauge plastic pallet wrapping without exposing the cutting edge of the blade. Opening boxes and pallets will be a breeze once you use a tool specifically designed to safely tackle the task. See all our Knives, Cutters & Scrapers.