Film & Strap Cutters

Strap and Film Cutters

Plastic Film, Shrink Wrap, Strap and String Cutters

Plastic straps are a common yet necessary method to secure merchandise in warehouses. Getting straps off boxes requires either finding the tiny tabs to pull apart, or using a box cutter to cut through the rigid plastic. However, the plastic is usually hard which makes cutting it with a knife risky as the knife can easily slip and then cut the user. Film and band splitters safely nestle the plastic band inside the head of the knife where the blade can then easily snap it in half. Quick, easy and no risk of injury. These embedded blade hook knives are designed specifically for safely cutting through plastic straps, strings and twine as well as shrink wrapping and plastic film from packaging and pallets. For other safe warehouse cutting options, see all our Knives, Cutters & Scrapers.