Safety Knives and Cutters

Welcome to where you will find a huge selection of utility knives and cutters specially designed to prevent cuts and lacerations common with traditional cutting tools. We offer a large selection of safety knives for a variety of different applications, from warehouses to home and industrial kitchens. You'll even find products to safely dispose of used blades.

Safety Knives: You will find a safety-inspired knife and cutter for any application, whether you are opening boxes, bags or pallets. These unique and highly-functional cutters will make any workplace safer giving you a positive return on the investment.
Box Cutters: Virtually every business receives boxes on a daily basis. Those boxes need to be opened and processed and the tool most frequently used to do that are box cutters. Designs have come a long way from the standard razor blade. Now, you can choose from a huge variety of designs all made to keep the user safe from cuts and lacerations. There are self-retracting blades, trigger blades, and even box cutters that have no blade at all. Keep your warehouse workers safe by providing them the safest tools available for their jobs.
Food Safe Cutters: The proper tools made from the proper materials are a necessity in any kitchen. Our selection of food-safe safety knives and cutters use only NSF certified materials. They are made in high-visibility colors so they can easily be found and distinguished from the stainless steel and food colors in most food-prep areas. They will make your kitchen more safe and more efficient.
Film and Band Splitters: Plastic straps are a common and necessary method to secure merchandise in warehouses. Getting straps off requires either finding the tiny tabs to pull apart, or using a box cutter to cut through the tough plastic. However, the plastic is usually hard which makes cutting it with a knife risky as the knife can easily slip and then cut the user. Film and band splitters safely nestle the plastic band inside the head of the knife where the blade can then easily snap it in half. Quick, easy and no risk of injury.
Hook Knives: Unwrapping pallets is so frustrating. Where does the edge of the plastic wrap begin? How many times do you have to walk around the pallet to get the wrap off? Just use a hook knife to slice right through layers and layers of plastic wrap in one swift motion. The best part is, your hands and fingers and other body parts are protected from lacerations as the blade is surrounded by the handle. 
Self-Retracting Knives: The safest way to use a knife or cutter is to only have the blade exposed when it is actually in use. Traditional industrial knives and cutters use a notched channel to hold the blade in position, but this leaves the blade out after making the cut. Self-retracting safety knives use a trigger or other mechanism that automatically retracts the blade as soon as the cut is done being made. You can't get cut from a blade that is not exposed.
Snap Knives: Working with wall paper and rolled stock requires using a sharp blade for precise cuts. But, to keep blades sharp on traditional knives, you have to stop, take apart the knife and replace the blade. Save the time by using a snap knife. When the tip is dull, just snap it off and extend the blade a little more. Viola! You have a fresh, sharp blade to continue work.
Bag Cutters: Steak knives are great for cutting through a rare filet mignon, but are dangerous when opening bags. Keep your kitchen safe by using safety bag cutters. These cutters are specifically designed to easily open plastic bags and film without the dangers of an open blade. Quick, easy and made from NSF certified materials, these food-safe bag-openers will make your kitchen more efficient and safe.
Scrapers: Traditionally, cleaning paint and adhesives off of glass and other surfaces required taking a standard razor blade replacement and scraping the surface.  The problem with that method is that the blade was not designed to be used in that fashion. It is small and thin making it highly likely that your fingers will slip and come in contact with the blade slicing open the skin. Our selection of scrapers puts that blade into an ergonomic handle so you can scrape away unwanted material from surfaces without risking injury to your fingers.
Replacement Blades: As the saying goes, "A sharp knife is a safe knife!" Keep your safety knife investment both sharp and safe by replacing the blade frequently. When you keep your blade sharp, it cuts smoother and faster reducing the risk of the blade slipping and injuring the user.