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Lizard Mini-Cut Utility Knife

Lizard Mini-Cut Utility Knife

Lizard Mini-Cut Utility Knife

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SKU: SP-LZ104-MC-1
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Reduce losses caused by product damage during food processing by using the Lizard mini-cut utility knife. With its minimal cutting depth, your products will be protected from accidental damage or product contamination from loose blades.
The blade of the Lizard Mini-Cut is permanently embedded in the handle of the knife so when the blade dulls, simply dispose - there is never any need to touch or change the blade.


  • Shatter and chip resistant stainless steel blade
  • FDA compliant, food safe materials
  • Dishwasher and sanitizer safe
  • High visibility color to minimize loosing the knife
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle provides a user friendly grip 

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