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S7 Safety Cutter
Innovative Multi-Function Safety Cutter

A self retracting blade box cutter for top cutting cartons. It includes an integrated tape splitter and hook knife for safely slicing shrink wrap film.

Reg. Price $8.35
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The CU Safety Utility Knife
Designed to reduce recordable injuries.

The auto-retracting blade guard snaps over the blade when the cut is complete, protecting the user from contact with the blade. The CU semi-disposable safety utility knife can be safely used for general duty cutting applications in many industries including food service, grocery, retail, food processing, health care, etc.

Reg. $3.85 
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The Lizard Safety Cutter
Integrated blade guard and ergonomic handle.

The semi-disposable Lizard Safety Knife is designed to prevent cuts and lacerations. The Lizard's patented design has a retractable blade cover that locks safely back into place after cutting, leaving no loose or exposed blades.

Reg. Price $3.25 
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the Safety Knife Experts. Our selection of utility knives and cutters are specially designed to prevent cuts and lacerations common with traditional cutting tools. We offer a large selection of safety knives for a variety of different applications, from warehouses to home and industrial kitchens. You'll even find safety gloves and blade disposal banks.